Questions & Answers

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Can anyone apply for Membership?

Industry professionals and licensed companies that trade/deal exclusively in natural diamonds and gemstones that are ethically sourced qualify for membership. There are no geographic restrictions and Membership/Certificates are valid anywhere in the world.

Can all Member apply for Certified Ethical Trader status?

Yes. The CET Certificate is designed for all the Members that find benefit from being certified for their ethical compliance.

Can a DSO Certified Ethical Trader independently certify a diamond or a gemstone?

Yes. A DSO Certified Ethical Trader can use the Product Certificates to assign ethical certification to their natural products that comply with the DSO Ethical Product Parameters.

What are the Product Certifications?

Please, read Certs.

What is the Product Certificate for?

A Product Certificate tells the Customer two key information about the product: it is Natural and it is Ethically Sourced.

What is the difference between the two DSO Diamonds Certificates?

The DSO Diamond Natural Laboratory-Certified certificate (DSO/NMLTC/NCD/KPCC) is assigned to a product that is laboratory tested and laboratory certified.
The DSO Diamond Natural Independently-Tested certificate (DSO/NM/NLG/KPCC) is assigned to a product that is uncertified by a laboratory and it has been independently tested and graded.
Both certificates communicate to the Customer that the product is Natural and Ethically Sourced.

Can the Product Certificates replace laboratory certificates?

No. The Products Certificates are designed to support laboratory certification and they help the Customers to understand the ethical conformity and the ethical footprint of their products.

What are the Codes of Practice?

Please, read Codes.

Where do I find more information about ethical sourcing and KPC compliance?

Please, follow the relevant links on the Compliance Page.

Are Certificates and Membership updated every year?

Yes, if your subscription has not expired, you will automatically receive the up-to-date certificate for the current year. Please, read our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Do you have more questions?

Please, read our Terms & Conditions  or write to us on the Contact Page and one of our operators will be in touch.