Aurélien Delaunay

Diamonds: The Most Influential People Of The Decade.

Diamonds Standards Organization honors the commitment of the professionals around the world whose outstanding work in the last decade contributed to create ethical awareness in the diamond and jewellery sectors and helped promote the entire industry.

Aurélien Delaunay is Director of Laboratoire Français de Gemmologie (LFG) and gemologist with a Master Science in Geology and a University Diploma in Gemology. He has been a gemologist at the LFG since 2011, he was responsible for the diamond department until 2015 and then responsible for all laboratory analyzes until 2018 when he became LFG Director. His main research area is: type IIa diamonds, natural, synthetic or treaties. He is the author of numerous scientific articles on diamonds as well as on colored stones. Mr Delaunay received the Honorary Membership.

Why is ethical sourcing important in a modern society?
It’s important for us because we are working in a sector based on ethical and confidence traditions. We don’t want our industry to be used for fear of violence and country’s instability. To show our commitment, we are RJC certified.

Why informing customers that their purchase conforms to ethical standards has become a necessity?
The origin of the materials is something important because the new generations want to know what they are buying in terms of ethics and sourcing. In our case, we are a services company so we don’t buy or sell materials.

What is your background?
I learned geology and gemology at the university of Nantes (France). I started to work at the Frenchgemmological laboratory in 2006 and after 2 years at the national institute of gemmology, I come back to the lab in 2011 as manager of the diamond department and since 2018, I am the director of the French gemological laboratory, the oldest lab, created in 1929.
The aim of the French Gemmological Laboratory is to analyze gemstones (coloured stones, diamonds and pearls). We are working with everyone, high jewellery brands, traders, auction houses or individuals.We have services for melees diamonds for identification and grading. We do grading reports for loose diamonds. We can determine the nature of all gemstones, their treatments and the geographical origin.

How would you describe the last ten years?
Our desire has always been to make the most scientific and precise analyzes possible. So we are ISO 9001 certified and under ISO 17025 accreditation. The reputation of the LFG has been growing since 2010 and our reports are more and more requested. We want to promote again our lab. with an exponential growth in sales and a very consistent range of clients who purchase on a regular basis and a vast growth in new company registrations.

“We don’t want our industry to be used
for fear of violence and country’s instability,,

What can we expect in the next decade?
In the next decade we are sure that our services will be more requested because everyone wants to know what they are buying or selling. The accuracy of our reports will be the key for the development.

On a more personal note, what is your favourite shape?
I don’t have a favorite shape, but I like princess cut, or cushion old cut.

What is your favourite diamond color?
I don’t have a favorite colour. All colours are beautiful…

What is your favourite gemstone?
I like all gemstones. Spinels and tourmalines may be my favorite stones right now.

What is your favourite jewllery brand and why?
I don’t have a favorite brand. I’m working with a lot of high jewellery brands and each ones have their singularity, specificity.

“…everyone wants
to know what they are buying or selling.
The accuracy of our reports will be the key for development,,

What is your favourite watch brand and what model most attracts you?
I am not a great watch connoisseur, but the Jaeger Lecoutre brand with their visible mechanisms attracts me a lot.